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Personal Injury, Consumer Protection and Bankruptcy Lawyers in Freehold New Jersey

With so many law firms to choose from in Freehold, Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey, how do you know when you can stop searching, confident in the fact that you have chosen the attorneys who know how to fight and win? Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. is a New Jersey law firm that has achieved positive results for clients since 1993. Our highly skilled Freehold lawyers, Frances A. Tomes and Edward Hanratty, successfully protect the rights of people who have been injured or defrauded and help people find debt relief through bankruptcy. We do not represent insurance companies or big business. We never have. We do not back down from our opponents in the search for justice on behalf of our clients. We never have.

Skilled Monmouth County Consumer Protection and Personal Injury Attorneys

At Tomes & Hanratty, P.C., our attorneys obtain effective, efficient and lasting solutions to legal matters that affect people from all walks of life. We engage in negotiation and litigation, proceeding in the manner that is best suited to each individual client. We represent a wide range of clients, such as: In some cases, we are seeking fair compensation for the losses our clients have suffered due to injuries, medical bills and lost wages. In other cases, we are helping our clients get back on track with their finances. Whatever goal we will be working toward on your behalf, you can feel confident that once you have found Tomes & Hanratty, P.C., you can stop searching for an attorney and start working toward resolving your legal problem.

Contact the Experienced Attorneys at Tomes & Hanratty

Have you been the victim of consumer fraud or unfair business practices? Would you like assistance obtaining debt relief through bankruptcy? Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident or due to medical malpractice, faulty drugs or defective drugs? We invite you to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. Call us today at 866-873-7496 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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